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Liquid Screed

In the last 10 years the popularity of liquid screed has increased due to enhanced product understanding and, the need for project timescales to be reduced. Liquid screed can be installed bonded, unbonded and over floor insulation (floated). As a specialist liquid screed contractors, we offer both anhydrite and fast drying cement based liquid screeds. If your project includes underfloor heating, liquid screed is paramount to maximise it’s effectiveness and benefits. As it can be laid at a minimum depth of 50mm and is an excellent conductor, this enables the floor to heat quickly and react to the users’ requirements. Due to the viscosity of the liquid screed, it fully encapsulates the underfloor heating pipe leaving no air voids and provides excellent thermal conductivity between 2.2 – 2.8 W/mK.

Liquid screed has a number of benefits:

  • Greater thermal conductivity compared to traditional screed
  • Can be laid 10x faster than sand or cement screed
  • Less labour intensive than sand and cement screed installations
  • Minimum screed depths are significantly lower than alternatives, requiring less material
  • Can be walked on after 24 hours
  • Can be force dried to speed up curing process
  • No curling, cracking and low shrinkage
  • Levels uneven sub-floors
  • Less CO2 produced in the production process

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project so we can advise you on the correct product for the solution you require.

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